Doctoral Programme PHD09 XXXII CICLO People | Earth Science, Fluid-Dynamics, and Mathematics. Interactions and Methods

Doctoral Programme PHD09 XXXII CICLO People

Doctoral Studies Boards - Member
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Cuccagna Scipio

Partial differential equations

University of Trieste
Costa Giovanni


University of Trieste
Braitenberg Carla

Geodesy and Geodynamics

University of Trieste
Bonini Lorenzo

Structural Geology and Tectonics

University of Trieste
Armenio Vincenzo

Fluid mechanics

University of Trieste
Alessandrini Giovanni

Partial differential equations

Inverse problems

University of Trieste
Doctoral Studies Boards - External Expert
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Vesnaver Aldo

Seismic tomography, near-surface geophysics, micro-seismicity, geophysical data integration, software development for seismic data processing.

Tompkins Adrian

Key research interests are cloud/convection dynamics/physics and their parametrization

Salon Stefano

Biogeochemical forecast skill assessment for Operational Oceanography

OGS, Via Beirut, Trieste
Rebesco Michele

Geological/geophysical exploration of continental margins, aimed at depositional processes and paleoclimatic reconstruction.  

Poulain Pierre Marie
Niemela Joseph James
Kucharski Fred

My research interest is climate variability and predictability at interannual to decada

Giorgi Filippo

Regional and global climate modeling and diagnostics; global change; parameterizations of physical processes for regional and global circulat

Farneti Riccardo

My research focuses on climate variability at interannual and decadal-to-centennial time scales, with a special interest in the role played b